Three Types Of Bedroom Wardrobes That You Should Know

Bedroom wardrobes need to be perfect as that is where you get ready and be yourself. Hence, it’s important to get the wardrobe right depending on the room. Take a look at three types of wardrobes that you should consider while making decisions.

Hinged modular wardrobe.

They are also called as the Swing Door Wardrobe, and is the most used type. It is traditional and ideal for large rooms as it can consume space when the doors are opened. It is easy to install and costs less. However, they may look simple and ordinary.

Sliding modular wardrobe.

These doesn’t require much space as you can just slide the doors horizontally. It can be used if the room is small and ideal for pre-painted and pre-floored rooms. They are stylish and classy, but a little expensive when compared to hinged wardrobe. The durability can also be a concern if the sliding channels are not good.

Walk-in closet.

It requires a large room compared to the other two. It provides a sense of privacy and enough storage space. Also, the interior designing needs to be perfect to get it right. They are however, expensive than the other two as it requires additional space and work.

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