Amazing Methods To Save Space In Small Homes

Small houses throw many constraints while interior designing the space and it is very important to be street smart during such times. You cannot go with traditional ways because of the limited space. Here are some of the ways which can save space in small house.

Sofa cum bed.

Using multi-purpose furniture is the obvious and logical way to save space. For instance, you can use sofa cum bed which saves plenty of space and acts as both sofa and a bed.

Rolled in dining table and chairs.

Go for arm less chairs that can rest under the table when not in use. It surely saves a lot of space and it can also be used as a reading nook, or a temporary home office.

Wall foldable table.

It is cheeky, cool and immensely useful in small homes. You can use it as a table when required, while it contributes to the interior decoration when you don’t need it as a table.

Wall bed into sofa.

It is surely one of the best methods to save a lot of space. It can be used as a showcase cum sofa in the daytime and folded out into a bed for the night.

Under stairs storage.

You will be surprised to see how much space the under stairs storage offers. Cabinets and drawers can be used to make it look tidy. It’s definitely something that you should incorporate if you are looking to save space.

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Five Techniques To Increase Storage Space In Your Bedroom

It is very important to make use of every inch of your house, especially for those who live in a small house. Bedroom space is often not used well by people who go for traditional methods which utilizes a lot of place.

Here are some clever tips that will help you in making optimum use of space in your bedroom:

Make the most of the space under the bed.

It is one of the best ways to increase storage space and since it goes under the bed, you need not worry of how it looks. You can add extra planks or raise your bed to add additional storage containers.

Organize the drawers.

If you have very little place, then organize a drawer becomes more important, which definitely does the work for you. You can have separate drawers for what you wear in the coming days and pack the rest which will be used only when required.

Use multi-functional furniture.

It is one of the best things that you can have in your home. The multi purposed furniture is a must without any doubt. For instance, instead of table, use small storage cabinets.

Never leave an inch unused.

Make the best use of available space and never leave it unused. You will realize how much space was left vacant for all these days. Add more clothing rods, small drawers for lingerie and accessories and clothing hooks to wardrobe doors.

Add a shallow wardrobe.

The shallow wardrobe helps in making a small bedroom look cosy and warm. Apart from the storage space, it also adds character to the room. You can use shutters or doors which are transparent just for the feel.

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