Ground Rules That Should Be Considered Before Designing The House

Never underestimate the value of design. A good design is takes away major worries in the later stages. Make sure all your doubts are discussed during the designing process.

Here are some basic rules that you have to follow when designing your house:

Go with the workflow golden triangle in the kitchen.

The layout of the modular kitchen should be planned in such a way that it offers easy movements and enough space. Base your design on three vital parts – cooking (stove/oven), preparation (sink), and food storage (refrigerator). Make sure there isn’t any major obstruction through the central hub of the kitchen.

Height considerations before installing cabinets.

Make sure the modular units are well within the rich. Normally, it can be below 7’ in height, which ensures easy everyday access, and the same applies to kitchen cabinets and other storage units.

Take care of tangled mess of wires behind the TV.

It’s common to find many pugged in stuff in living room like TV, DVD player, speakers, set top box, gaming units and so on. These things obviously come with a lot of wiring and in order to get rid of them make sure you get wall panelling done for your entertainment section. Bu doing this, you can take away the mess and it also becomes easy while cleaning. Also, it adds character to the room.

Hinged versus sliding wardrobes for small places.

The urban homes are getting smaller and it is essential to make every inch count. Coming to the bedrooms, ensure your room dimensions are equipped to handle the shutter width of your wardrobes. Sliding doors can be a good choice in small rooms. However, if you are a fan of hinged wardrobe, add more doors to decrease the width of each.

Declutter the seating arrangement in living room.

This small adjustment can be pretty useful. If you stuff too many elements or furniture, then there are chances of bumping into them and the rooms ends up looking clumsy. Therefore, just place what’s required and make it look spacious.

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