Common Home décor Items That Are Overused

Every interior designer should know these common mistakes and hence avoid them during house decoration. Make sure you know them too if you are designing the house by yourself. These products should be used only if necessary.

Picture frames.

People just grab a photo frame and hang it on the wall without giving much of a thought. It is easily one of the overused décor items. Mismatched frames can ruin the appearance of the room and makes for a disturbing view.

Outdated curtains.

There’s no point in sticking to the old curtains when there’s so much on offer. Try different stuff and experiment with new looks that can give your house a classy look and feel.


Flower vases are one of those things that fails to find its purpose at times. Even people just leave it the way it is and fail to realize that it might actually spoil the overall look of the space. Therefore, make sure you are pretty sure about it.

Too many décor items.

Never stuff your room with plenty of décor items just because they are beautiful. Whatever you do, it should compliment the overall look of the house. Select your décor items carefully and include it only if it’s fitting into the larger scheme of things.

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Seven Usual Mistakes That People Commit While Designing Interiors For Their Home

No matter how beautiful the house is constructed, if you don’t concentrate on the interior decoration, then everything falls apart. Take a look at some of the common mistakes that people do when designing home interiors.

Understanding scale and size.

It is necessary to understand the scale and size. Scale and size do not mean space alone. Noted designer, Linda Floyd explains scale as a mix of heights, textures and looks that come together. It is better to take the suggestion of an interior designer while designing the interiors.

Impulse buys.

Never indulge in impulse buys and have a clear idea of what is required. Make sure you have all the measurements with you before purchasing furniture.


We all tend to collect and store things in order to use it someday. However, it is necessary to collect things that goes well with your home décor and not the other way around. You can create a dedicated space to display rare stuff.

Hanging art.

It is important to know what kind of art blends in with your design. It is not mandatory to exhibit things just because you have a great piece of art. If it’s not fitting in then it’s better to remain in the dark.

Make this small change.

Consider buying furniture first, rather than starting of with painting the walls. A small change can really do wonders and will be useful while making decisions. Also make sure you keep the size of the rooms and then purchase products.

Spice it up.

If you really want to add character, then buy things slowly, take your time and see what can be done to make it look unique and special. You can add rare furniture, classy curtains, street finds and décor to make it interesting.

Repurpose the antiques.

We all have stuff that goes back a long way and it stays for sentimental value. However, it need be stored just for the sake of it. You can instead include them in your décor which definitely adds value to the overall look.

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