Common Home décor Items That Are Overused

Every interior designer should know these common mistakes and hence avoid them during house decoration. Make sure you know them too if you are designing the house by yourself. These products should be used only if necessary.

Picture frames.

People just grab a photo frame and hang it on the wall without giving much of a thought. It is easily one of the overused décor items. Mismatched frames can ruin the appearance of the room and makes for a disturbing view.

Outdated curtains.

There’s no point in sticking to the old curtains when there’s so much on offer. Try different stuff and experiment with new looks that can give your house a classy look and feel.


Flower vases are one of those things that fails to find its purpose at times. Even people just leave it the way it is and fail to realize that it might actually spoil the overall look of the space. Therefore, make sure you are pretty sure about it.

Too many décor items.

Never stuff your room with plenty of décor items just because they are beautiful. Whatever you do, it should compliment the overall look of the house. Select your décor items carefully and include it only if it’s fitting into the larger scheme of things.

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Cool Renovation Tips For A Quick Makeover Of Your House

Every now and then, we all like to shake up things and the same applies to the interiors of our house. Change is what people look for after getting bored with the same appearance. If you are going through that ‘want to change’ things phase, then below are some of the tips that might be helpful in changing the decor of your house.

Freshen up.

Let yourself to come up with what you want and go for it. Take suggestions of an interior designer if required and retain your core idea. To begin with, check what needs to be repaired and clean the space. Give a polished look for your windows, doors, scrub your floors, paint your walls.

Books to behold.

Store books in a good way and if you have a cabinet, make use of it. Books are important start of conversation and it also looks elegant in the room. Let them display and show your cool taste.

Light it up.

Lighting can be essential to set up the mood and creative use of this resource is vital. Make use of lamps, floor lamps, spotlights, and other lighting materials for a warm feel. If possible, get the best out of natural lighting, like placing your desk next to the window. You can also use mirror on the wall to reflect the light into the room.

Cushioned and comfortable.

Comfort is what we all look while in home and cushion is the best source of comfort. Therefore, spread it around as much as possible and stay relaxed. Use good cushion covers, and create an alternate sitting arrangement by throwing a rug or a kilim in an unused corner.

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