Different Types Of Mirrors That Fits Into Your House

Mirrors is a vital part of your home, but, most of them tend to under use them. It can really enhance the appearance of a house. Take a look at different types of mirrors that you should know while planning your home decor.

Wall mirrors.

They are generally large in size and come in various designs. It can either be hung or wall mounted depending on the size and weight of the mirror. If you are going for frameless mirrors, make sure the quality of mirror clips is good.

Antique mirrors.

It originated in Italy in the 17th century and still remains in the trend. The influence of the Renaissance art and culture can be seen in the intricate designs of the artistry of the antique mirrors. It also provides a rich feel to your room.

Floor mirrors.

These mirrors are large with a wooden frame placed on the floors of your gallery against the walls or can just be simply placed on the floor. These mirrors make the room brighter and even makes the space look larger.

Dressing mirrors.

Probably, a must have item in every house. It acts as a basic necessity to people in house and therefore, there are no second thoughts. The current trend is to mount a long dressing mirror on the wall.

Swing arm mirrors.

The interior designer should know what kind of mirrors suits the home. These mirrors are generally found in small spaces or bathroom. It is two-sided and has an extension mirrors because of its extended mirror.

Wrought iron mirrors.

If you are looking for budget-friendly alternatives, then this is the one for you. It is also very easy to maintain and light in weight. You can pick up this mirror without any doubts in your mind.

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Best Ways To Blend Marble Into Your Home Décor

Marble can enhance the appearance of your house or space to a whole new level and it is one of the important home décor parts that can be used to have a classy and elegant appeal. Find out some of the ways through which you can bring marble into the play.

Kitchen counters.

Kitchen counters can be a good place to use marble as it gives a vibrant feel to the modular kitchen. Pitch in marble on the counters and give a royal touch to your cooking place. Even the maintenance is easy, unlike granite which needs constant care.


Probably the best way to exhibit marble in your home. No matter how dull the place is, marble flooring can light it up. Textured marble flooring can be used to make the place vibrant and rich.


Another awesome way to display marble. Walls can showcase the quality of marble effectively and have no doubt about the attractiveness of your walls with marble. Marble can either be used for interior decoration or for the entire wall.


These marble lamps can be a great value addition to your design and outlook of house. You can choose from various designs or even get it custom-made according to your idea.


Not many use the marble fabric which can be a game-changer. These are handy when replacing or renovating turn out to be expensive. Just add marble fabric to the mix and be surprised with the difference.


You can also find cute and stylish marble accessories that should make it to your collections. They definitely add some class to the setting and it is something you must consider without fail.


Also, check out amazing marble idols that are simply superb. There is no dearth of options when it comes to marble idols and it is a must.

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Renovation Factors You Should Consider Before Renting Or Selling Your House


There are certain things that you have to consider before putting your house in the market to fetch the right place. Since people are smart these days, they look into various things before giving you the money.

So, here’s the things that should be taken care of:

The Outside appearance.

It might not be a factor when it comes to apartment, but for an individual home, it is a must. The very first look can make or break the deal. Therefore, make sure the outward appearance is perfect. Repair things if needed and look for cracks.

Renovate the kitchen.

A kitchen speaks a lot when people enter your house, the feel of the kitchen is vital. However, make sure only the necessary things are addressed as some people prefer their own kitchen design. Just keep things in great condition and spotless.

Optimize storage.

Storage space is something that everybody needs and in small houses it is a must. Ask your interior designer if it’s possible to make storage spaces higher and into the wall, so that you find enough space.

Upgrade bathrooms.

It is a must, no matter how good the house is, this small space in the house can have a negative impact if not treated properly. Spend a few bucks and install new things in the bathroom as it gives a fresh feel to the whole setting.

Perfect flooring.

Obviously, it is what describes your house and hence, you can’t afford to go wrong here. Consider replacing the floor only if it’s necessary as the complete makeover can be an expensive affair.

Ensure privacy.

Make minor adjustments and keep the place exclusive. You can use bamboo mats or attractive screens around windows to ensure privacy.

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5 Clever Alterations That Can Make A Big Difference To Your House

It is very important to be street smart when you have constraints, especially when it comes to your home decor. If you are looking for some useful tips to glam up your face, then look no further as you will be knowing some useful tips right here.Let’s get into it without wasting anytime:

Not happy with small rooms?

Sometimes you have to compromise on the size of rooms because of the overall plan of your house, however, here is a small tip that will help you deal with small spaces. All you need is a mirror – A big, free-standing mirror placed against the wall can give your room a refreshed and spacious feel. You can also make it look bigger by painting your room white and using drapes in a similar shade. Also, make sure you don’t stuff the space with unnecessary things.

Deprived of natural light?

Natural light can make a room look more happening and vibrant, however, if you have no access to natural light, then creative indoor light is what you need. Make use of multiple light sources like floor lamps, table lamps and focus lights, which gives an intimate feel. Plan with your interior designer and add cool lighting into the design.

Make your room vibrant.

Add as much as greenery into your room and stop making it appear lifeless. You can have succulents, ferns, money plants, peace lillies and even herbs indoors. Apart from making the space look pretty, it also offers you plenty of oxygen which is useful.

Is your furniture ruining the place?

Furniture also need some care every now and then. If the furniture has been there forever, but still in good condition to use, then you can just add visual element on the floor and divert attention from old furniture.

Just want to shake it up?

On some days you just want it to look different even though there is nothing specifically wrong. During such times you can spice it up by adding bright colors and bold prints into the mix. You can also just go with your instincts and try out new interior design that suits your house.

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