Six House Plants That’s A Must Have In Every Home

Plants in your home can really have a telling effect on you and your house. Apart from making the house look beautiful, it also has health benefits that you will please you. Here are some useful plants that should definitely be a part your home decor.

Spider plant.

These plants are easy to grow and maintain. They are happy with the indirect sunlight and have shoots that grow on the tip of them. The plant removes pollutants like xylene and formaldehyde present in wall paints and cleaning agents.


They are usually found in public places, however, the one which is grown indoor are more sturdier and grow to a length of 2-10 feet tall. Needing just little, indirect sunlight and minimal maintenance. These plant eliminate pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene.

Peace lily.

Apart from looking beautiful, these plants have some serious air-cleaning capabilities. They are also small in size and easy to grow. They deal with formaldehyde, ammonia and benzene found in surface cleaners and other chemicals.

Snake plant.

It is comparatively hard to grow as it requires occasional watering. However, they can survive in dry conditions and depends on very little sunlight. It particularly looks good in bedroom designs.


Interestingly, it is believed that you must be gifted this plant. However, you can buy it for yourself and make your home effective. These plants need bright sunlight, full sun and can grow tall. They can filter a large surface area and do not produce allergens.

Aloe vera.

It is one of the most useful plant one can have in home. It contains fluid with full of vitamins and minerals. It acts as anti-inflammatory and even without direct application, does wonders for the skin.

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Vital Steps That Should Be Kept In Mind To Plan Your Home Decor In Just 4 Weeks

Relocating to a new house can be a tedious task and it is very important to have a perfect new or renovated house, so that you have the motivation and urge to move into the new place. If you are looking to revamp your home, then here are some of the tips that should be helpful.

Come up with a design and put it on a paper.

To begin with, have a design in your mind. Then bring that idea on to a paper. Once you are fine with the design, consider and study various design, decor and furnishings. Most of the people fail to execute their plan, despite having something extraordinary in their mind. Therefore, consult an interior designer if needed.

Plan a budget to work with.

It is important to have a budget before going ahead. Having a budget will help you choose accordingly without overtaking the need. If budget is a constraint, then do it gradually by starting off with your favorite room and slowly moving to other places.

Prepare a floor plan for the entire home and keep all the material ready.

By doing this you can keep most of the worries during the process at bay. There are free online tools available which you could consider for floor plans. Materials, furniture and important furnishings can be bought and planned based on what kind of floor plan you decide to go with.

Pick a central color for your home’s color palette.

Colors can ruin the entire look if it doesn’t compliment your ideas. Sometimes, the decision in choosing the perfect combination delays the decor project, which shows how important and difficult it can be. In order to avoid such delays, start with selecting a central color theme and work around it.

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Must Have Decorative Materials For A Classy House

We all love to add character and class to our surroundings in any way possible. Similarly, even in our house class and elegance is something that people like to have. Here are some of the useful things that can add class to your house.

Faux leather.

Lately, faux leather has started to make its way to different parts of house and is not just restricted to bags and clothing. Since it is rubber, it is easy to maintain and goes well various areas of the house.

Stainless steel.

It’s hard to imagine a house without stainless steel. It is very useful in interior decoration, especially in the kitchen area. They are even used in staircases which definitely gives a classy feel to the whole setting.

Glass laminates.

They look brilliant in areas which attracts natural light. The colored glass is just the icing on the cake and you can’t have enough of it. Frosted, tiled and other varieties add more textural nuances.

European laminates.

Laminates are surely catching up and have turned out to be sought after decorative products. The new European laminates are available in various colors and with metallic finishes. They also have higher shelf life when compared to their normal counterparts.

Bone mosaic.

They are normally used in jewellery. However, it can also be used as laminates on furniture, knobs and other fixtures. It is a cool addition to the modern homes that captures eye balls.

Woven vinyl.

The best part of woven vinyl strips is its low cost and low maintenance factor. It is easy to clean and maintain. It also has a longer shelf life, can be used in wall carpeting, floor carpet and to cover tiles.

Gypsum board.

You can find 3-D fiberglass reinforced gypsum boards as tiled panels which can just be fixed at a specific place. It is ideal for false ceilings and walls.

Woven resin.

It has a 3-D effect and can be seen in various colors. Though, they are generally used in hotels, malls, restaurants and other commercial places, the interior designers of homes have slowly started to incorporate it into the home décor.

Laminated resin.

They are ideal for cabin separators, dining and kitchen pseudo-walls and also large French windows. You can definitely use it in your interior designing of house.

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Five Techniques To Increase Storage Space In Your Bedroom

It is very important to make use of every inch of your house, especially for those who live in a small house. Bedroom space is often not used well by people who go for traditional methods which utilizes a lot of place.

Here are some clever tips that will help you in making optimum use of space in your bedroom:

Make the most of the space under the bed.

It is one of the best ways to increase storage space and since it goes under the bed, you need not worry of how it looks. You can add extra planks or raise your bed to add additional storage containers.

Organize the drawers.

If you have very little place, then organize a drawer becomes more important, which definitely does the work for you. You can have separate drawers for what you wear in the coming days and pack the rest which will be used only when required.

Use multi-functional furniture.

It is one of the best things that you can have in your home. The multi purposed furniture is a must without any doubt. For instance, instead of table, use small storage cabinets.

Never leave an inch unused.

Make the best use of available space and never leave it unused. You will realize how much space was left vacant for all these days. Add more clothing rods, small drawers for lingerie and accessories and clothing hooks to wardrobe doors.

Add a shallow wardrobe.

The shallow wardrobe helps in making a small bedroom look cosy and warm. Apart from the storage space, it also adds character to the room. You can use shutters or doors which are transparent just for the feel.

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Here’s Why You Should Choose Open Plan Home

Open plan homes are something that people have started to like lately and there seems to be a reason behind it. Apart from making the most of the available space, there are other factors that are convincing people to go with open plan homes.This design eliminates unnecessary walls between rooms and therefore, provides more space and cool setting. The kitchen is open and the transition into the dining room or living room is seamless.Since there are no walls between rooms, it allows easy interaction among people which helps in keeping the place lively. Members of the family can come together and carry out their own functions. For instance, children can study, while parents are working in the living room.The storage space should be planned better and it is advisable to build a separate storage room when you decide to go with open plan homes.

However, it is necessary to come up with flawless home décor plan as even a small mistake can ruin the outlook. Make sure you have a proper interior design in place before going ahead.


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