Tips To Increase The Life OF Your Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is attracting people and easily the sought after trend currently. Home decor is quickly including this idea into the mix. Laminate floors are made up of several materials bonded together under high pressure.

It gives your home a beautiful flooring option similar to hard-wood floors, but at half the price. Here are some tips that can increase the life of laminate flooring.

First broom and then mop.

Cleaning should be gentle while dealing with these floors. First sweep away the dust and then mop. A light weight vacuum cleaner with a good suction capacity should easily clean up the hair, in case if you have pets, this tip must come in handy. Once the mopping is done, you floor should be ready to shine again.

Don’t let spills dry.

Deal with the spills right away and never let it dry. You might have to scratch the floor if the spill is dried. If the floor gets stained by oil or paint, use some acetone remover to gently wipe the spot and then immediately clean with a damp cloth.

Keep the chemicals and abrasives away.

Keep items like steel-wood scrubs, scrub pads, chemical-based cleaners, and cleaners with a soap or detergent base away from the floors. Also, don’t try to wax or polish the laminate floors to make them shine. The only chemical that you should be using is the laminate floor repair paste for dealing with minor scratches and nicks.

Use water in moderation.

Though, water has no chemicals, it should be used in moderation as too much of it can have a negative effect. Too much of water can easily seep in between the laminate panels and cause the underlying wood to warp and become lumpy.

Deep-clean once a year.

Go for deep-cleaning once in a year. Though, you clean it regularly, deep-cleaning every year is necessary to deal with some amount of hazing and firm build up.

If you can manage to follow the discussed tips, then you can be assured of beautiful floors for a long period of time.

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Six House Plants That’s A Must Have In Every Home

Plants in your home can really have a telling effect on you and your house. Apart from making the house look beautiful, it also has health benefits that you will please you. Here are some useful plants that should definitely be a part your home decor.

Spider plant.

These plants are easy to grow and maintain. They are happy with the indirect sunlight and have shoots that grow on the tip of them. The plant removes pollutants like xylene and formaldehyde present in wall paints and cleaning agents.


They are usually found in public places, however, the one which is grown indoor are more sturdier and grow to a length of 2-10 feet tall. Needing just little, indirect sunlight and minimal maintenance. These plant eliminate pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene.

Peace lily.

Apart from looking beautiful, these plants have some serious air-cleaning capabilities. They are also small in size and easy to grow. They deal with formaldehyde, ammonia and benzene found in surface cleaners and other chemicals.

Snake plant.

It is comparatively hard to grow as it requires occasional watering. However, they can survive in dry conditions and depends on very little sunlight. It particularly looks good in bedroom designs.


Interestingly, it is believed that you must be gifted this plant. However, you can buy it for yourself and make your home effective. These plants need bright sunlight, full sun and can grow tall. They can filter a large surface area and do not produce allergens.

Aloe vera.

It is one of the most useful plant one can have in home. It contains fluid with full of vitamins and minerals. It acts as anti-inflammatory and even without direct application, does wonders for the skin.

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Different Types Of Mirrors That Fits Into Your House

Mirrors is a vital part of your home, but, most of them tend to under use them. It can really enhance the appearance of a house. Take a look at different types of mirrors that you should know while planning your home decor.

Wall mirrors.

They are generally large in size and come in various designs. It can either be hung or wall mounted depending on the size and weight of the mirror. If you are going for frameless mirrors, make sure the quality of mirror clips is good.

Antique mirrors.

It originated in Italy in the 17th century and still remains in the trend. The influence of the Renaissance art and culture can be seen in the intricate designs of the artistry of the antique mirrors. It also provides a rich feel to your room.

Floor mirrors.

These mirrors are large with a wooden frame placed on the floors of your gallery against the walls or can just be simply placed on the floor. These mirrors make the room brighter and even makes the space look larger.

Dressing mirrors.

Probably, a must have item in every house. It acts as a basic necessity to people in house and therefore, there are no second thoughts. The current trend is to mount a long dressing mirror on the wall.

Swing arm mirrors.

The interior designer should know what kind of mirrors suits the home. These mirrors are generally found in small spaces or bathroom. It is two-sided and has an extension mirrors because of its extended mirror.

Wrought iron mirrors.

If you are looking for budget-friendly alternatives, then this is the one for you. It is also very easy to maintain and light in weight. You can pick up this mirror without any doubts in your mind.

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Aspects Of Home Decor That Can Have A Direct Affect On Your Health

Yes, you read that right. There are certain home decor and design that can actually have a direct affect on your health. Just scroll down and get to know more.

Colors of your home.

The impact of colors on mood goes a long way, and they can even trigger emotions and feelings. The color psychology explains that vibrant and bright shades are uplifting and strong, enhance engagement and communication.


The lighting has significant impact on mood. The natural lighting is the best source of positive mindset and also acts as a natural steriliser. The lighting through the evenings and nights affects how the mood progresses and whether it boosts happiness or increases sadness and anxiety.

Size of your home.

The size also affects people to a large extent. The room’s walls and ceilings play a crucial role in shaping and individual’s mind and his depth perception. People tend to be more creative and focused when rooms are wider, while planting plants inside the house is also a great mood booster.

Textures and shapes of furniture.

According to the ancient practice of Feng Shui, the shapes and textures that match natural elements bring a sense of calmness to the mind. The stone elements in flooring and walls signify health. The arrangement of furniture is also important.

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Vital Steps That Should Be Kept In Mind To Plan Your Home Decor In Just 4 Weeks

Relocating to a new house can be a tedious task and it is very important to have a perfect new or renovated house, so that you have the motivation and urge to move into the new place. If you are looking to revamp your home, then here are some of the tips that should be helpful.

Come up with a design and put it on a paper.

To begin with, have a design in your mind. Then bring that idea on to a paper. Once you are fine with the design, consider and study various design, decor and furnishings. Most of the people fail to execute their plan, despite having something extraordinary in their mind. Therefore, consult an interior designer if needed.

Plan a budget to work with.

It is important to have a budget before going ahead. Having a budget will help you choose accordingly without overtaking the need. If budget is a constraint, then do it gradually by starting off with your favorite room and slowly moving to other places.

Prepare a floor plan for the entire home and keep all the material ready.

By doing this you can keep most of the worries during the process at bay. There are free online tools available which you could consider for floor plans. Materials, furniture and important furnishings can be bought and planned based on what kind of floor plan you decide to go with.

Pick a central color for your home’s color palette.

Colors can ruin the entire look if it doesn’t compliment your ideas. Sometimes, the decision in choosing the perfect combination delays the decor project, which shows how important and difficult it can be. In order to avoid such delays, start with selecting a central color theme and work around it.

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Kitchen Designing Tips Every Homemaker Must Know

Every homemaker or the owner must know certain of the kitchen tips at any cost. A good kitchen is definitely the source of a happy family. Therefore, make sure you know these basic kitchen design tips.

Let cabinets lead the way.

Allow cabinets to rule the kitchen since they consume the majority of the budget and almost half of the visual space in the kitchen. Therefore, emphasize more on the cabinets and then concentrate on the rest while designing the space.

Consider natural light.

Play with the natural light as much as possible as it affects the way a surface color is perceived. Consider climate conditions in the area before deciding on the color combination. For instance, warm colors best offset cooler climates, but a particularly bright shade might be too loud for comfort.

Check latest trends.

Blend your ideas with the current trends and remain in touch with the recent collections. You can check out the latest trends for some ideas if you are finding it difficult to crack the perfect design for your kitchen.

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Here’s Why Open Shelves Work For Indian Kitchens

Indian kitchens need special planning as the requirements of every family varies according to their requirements and taste. However, it’s safe to assume that open shelves work in most of the Indian kitchens.

Here are some of the reasons that works in favor of open shelves:

Open shelves increase storage.

These shelves offer more space than closed cabinets and therefore increase storage capacity. More number of large and small crockery can be placed without any issues.

They make kitchens brighter and cleaner.

The open shelves are easier to clean and also they make kitchens look a lot brighter. Since they are open the natural light can move around and enhance the sense of space.

Warm and welcoming.

You feel welcomed by a open shelf kitchen. People feel at ease in such setting as they need not ask the homemaker for items. Since everything is displayed, things go fine and you can enjoy the conversations without any disturbance.

Easy to organize.

Open shelves are easy-going, especially for guests who are searching for things. It also keeps the utensils clean and tidy.

They are inexpensive.

Open shelves are comparatively less expensive than the closed cabinet. Apart from being economical, they are clever addition to dark and dank spaces.

Open shelves display crockery.

Such kitchens obviously exhibit crockery which you have been saving for years. Open shelves are tailor-made for small homes to display pretty glassware, classic dinner sets and they help create an interesting focal point.

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Three Types Of Bedroom Wardrobes That You Should Know

Bedroom wardrobes need to be perfect as that is where you get ready and be yourself. Hence, it’s important to get the wardrobe right depending on the room. Take a look at three types of wardrobes that you should consider while making decisions.

Hinged modular wardrobe.

They are also called as the Swing Door Wardrobe, and is the most used type. It is traditional and ideal for large rooms as it can consume space when the doors are opened. It is easy to install and costs less. However, they may look simple and ordinary.

Sliding modular wardrobe.

These doesn’t require much space as you can just slide the doors horizontally. It can be used if the room is small and ideal for pre-painted and pre-floored rooms. They are stylish and classy, but a little expensive when compared to hinged wardrobe. The durability can also be a concern if the sliding channels are not good.

Walk-in closet.

It requires a large room compared to the other two. It provides a sense of privacy and enough storage space. Also, the interior designing needs to be perfect to get it right. They are however, expensive than the other two as it requires additional space and work.

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Sure-Shot Ways To Make Your Wardrobe More Useful

A well-designed wardrobe is vital for a perfect house. An interior designer should never go wrong when it comes to wardrobe. Here are some of the tips that adds value to your wardrobe. Here are some techniques to make your wardrobe more valuable.

Wardrobe with a study table.

This little extension can be useful for those who need to work late or like to study at night. You can just jump into bed once you are done. It looks tidy and also convenient. You can leave your laptops and its wires at the table and therefore keep things where they belong.

Wardrobe with entertainment unit.

Another cool way to chill out at your comfort. You can keep it exclusive and watch your favorite serials and movies without any disturbance. You can just draw the covers and give and enjoy the luxury.

Wardrobe with a dresser.

Women would just fall for this deal. How comfortable would this be to try on different stuff without doing much. It’s definitely comfortable for all those who are particular about how they look. Home decor should definitely include this part as it is incredibly useful.


If you are an avid reader, then you should definitely consider this. You can enjoy your reading time without any problems and at your own comfort. It also encourages you to keep up the habit as they are right into your face all the time.

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Common Home décor Items That Are Overused

Every interior designer should know these common mistakes and hence avoid them during house decoration. Make sure you know them too if you are designing the house by yourself. These products should be used only if necessary.

Picture frames.

People just grab a photo frame and hang it on the wall without giving much of a thought. It is easily one of the overused décor items. Mismatched frames can ruin the appearance of the room and makes for a disturbing view.

Outdated curtains.

There’s no point in sticking to the old curtains when there’s so much on offer. Try different stuff and experiment with new looks that can give your house a classy look and feel.


Flower vases are one of those things that fails to find its purpose at times. Even people just leave it the way it is and fail to realize that it might actually spoil the overall look of the space. Therefore, make sure you are pretty sure about it.

Too many décor items.

Never stuff your room with plenty of décor items just because they are beautiful. Whatever you do, it should compliment the overall look of the house. Select your décor items carefully and include it only if it’s fitting into the larger scheme of things.

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