Must Have Decorative Materials For A Classy House

We all love to add character and class to our surroundings in any way possible. Similarly, even in our house class and elegance is something that people like to have. Here are some of the useful things that can add class to your house.

Faux leather.

Lately, faux leather has started to make its way to different parts of house and is not just restricted to bags and clothing. Since it is rubber, it is easy to maintain and goes well various areas of the house.

Stainless steel.

It’s hard to imagine a house without stainless steel. It is very useful in interior decoration, especially in the kitchen area. They are even used in staircases which definitely gives a classy feel to the whole setting.

Glass laminates.

They look brilliant in areas which attracts natural light. The colored glass is just the icing on the cake and you can’t have enough of it. Frosted, tiled and other varieties add more textural nuances.

European laminates.

Laminates are surely catching up and have turned out to be sought after decorative products. The new European laminates are available in various colors and with metallic finishes. They also have higher shelf life when compared to their normal counterparts.

Bone mosaic.

They are normally used in jewellery. However, it can also be used as laminates on furniture, knobs and other fixtures. It is a cool addition to the modern homes that captures eye balls.

Woven vinyl.

The best part of woven vinyl strips is its low cost and low maintenance factor. It is easy to clean and maintain. It also has a longer shelf life, can be used in wall carpeting, floor carpet and to cover tiles.

Gypsum board.

You can find 3-D fiberglass reinforced gypsum boards as tiled panels which can just be fixed at a specific place. It is ideal for false ceilings and walls.

Woven resin.

It has a 3-D effect and can be seen in various colors. Though, they are generally used in hotels, malls, restaurants and other commercial places, the interior designers of homes have slowly started to incorporate it into the home décor.

Laminated resin.

They are ideal for cabin separators, dining and kitchen pseudo-walls and also large French windows. You can definitely use it in your interior designing of house.

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