Ground Rules That Should Be Considered Before Designing The House

Never underestimate the value of design. A good design is takes away major worries in the later stages. Make sure all your doubts are discussed during the designing process.

Here are some basic rules that you have to follow when designing your house:

Go with the workflow golden triangle in the kitchen.

The layout of the modular kitchen should be planned in such a way that it offers easy movements and enough space. Base your design on three vital parts – cooking (stove/oven), preparation (sink), and food storage (refrigerator). Make sure there isn’t any major obstruction through the central hub of the kitchen.

Height considerations before installing cabinets.

Make sure the modular units are well within the rich. Normally, it can be below 7’ in height, which ensures easy everyday access, and the same applies to kitchen cabinets and other storage units.

Take care of tangled mess of wires behind the TV.

It’s common to find many pugged in stuff in living room like TV, DVD player, speakers, set top box, gaming units and so on. These things obviously come with a lot of wiring and in order to get rid of them make sure you get wall panelling done for your entertainment section. Bu doing this, you can take away the mess and it also becomes easy while cleaning. Also, it adds character to the room.

Hinged versus sliding wardrobes for small places.

The urban homes are getting smaller and it is essential to make every inch count. Coming to the bedrooms, ensure your room dimensions are equipped to handle the shutter width of your wardrobes. Sliding doors can be a good choice in small rooms. However, if you are a fan of hinged wardrobe, add more doors to decrease the width of each.

Declutter the seating arrangement in living room.

This small adjustment can be pretty useful. If you stuff too many elements or furniture, then there are chances of bumping into them and the rooms ends up looking clumsy. Therefore, just place what’s required and make it look spacious.

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Amazing Methods To Save Space In Small Homes

Small houses throw many constraints while interior designing the space and it is very important to be street smart during such times. You cannot go with traditional ways because of the limited space. Here are some of the ways which can save space in small house.

Sofa cum bed.

Using multi-purpose furniture is the obvious and logical way to save space. For instance, you can use sofa cum bed which saves plenty of space and acts as both sofa and a bed.

Rolled in dining table and chairs.

Go for arm less chairs that can rest under the table when not in use. It surely saves a lot of space and it can also be used as a reading nook, or a temporary home office.

Wall foldable table.

It is cheeky, cool and immensely useful in small homes. You can use it as a table when required, while it contributes to the interior decoration when you don’t need it as a table.

Wall bed into sofa.

It is surely one of the best methods to save a lot of space. It can be used as a showcase cum sofa in the daytime and folded out into a bed for the night.

Under stairs storage.

You will be surprised to see how much space the under stairs storage offers. Cabinets and drawers can be used to make it look tidy. It’s definitely something that you should incorporate if you are looking to save space.

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Seven Usual Mistakes That People Commit While Designing Interiors For Their Home

No matter how beautiful the house is constructed, if you don’t concentrate on the interior decoration, then everything falls apart. Take a look at some of the common mistakes that people do when designing home interiors.

Understanding scale and size.

It is necessary to understand the scale and size. Scale and size do not mean space alone. Noted designer, Linda Floyd explains scale as a mix of heights, textures and looks that come together. It is better to take the suggestion of an interior designer while designing the interiors.

Impulse buys.

Never indulge in impulse buys and have a clear idea of what is required. Make sure you have all the measurements with you before purchasing furniture.


We all tend to collect and store things in order to use it someday. However, it is necessary to collect things that goes well with your home décor and not the other way around. You can create a dedicated space to display rare stuff.

Hanging art.

It is important to know what kind of art blends in with your design. It is not mandatory to exhibit things just because you have a great piece of art. If it’s not fitting in then it’s better to remain in the dark.

Make this small change.

Consider buying furniture first, rather than starting of with painting the walls. A small change can really do wonders and will be useful while making decisions. Also make sure you keep the size of the rooms and then purchase products.

Spice it up.

If you really want to add character, then buy things slowly, take your time and see what can be done to make it look unique and special. You can add rare furniture, classy curtains, street finds and décor to make it interesting.

Repurpose the antiques.

We all have stuff that goes back a long way and it stays for sentimental value. However, it need be stored just for the sake of it. You can instead include them in your décor which definitely adds value to the overall look.

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5 Clever Alterations That Can Make A Big Difference To Your House

It is very important to be street smart when you have constraints, especially when it comes to your home decor. If you are looking for some useful tips to glam up your face, then look no further as you will be knowing some useful tips right here.Let’s get into it without wasting anytime:

Not happy with small rooms?

Sometimes you have to compromise on the size of rooms because of the overall plan of your house, however, here is a small tip that will help you deal with small spaces. All you need is a mirror – A big, free-standing mirror placed against the wall can give your room a refreshed and spacious feel. You can also make it look bigger by painting your room white and using drapes in a similar shade. Also, make sure you don’t stuff the space with unnecessary things.

Deprived of natural light?

Natural light can make a room look more happening and vibrant, however, if you have no access to natural light, then creative indoor light is what you need. Make use of multiple light sources like floor lamps, table lamps and focus lights, which gives an intimate feel. Plan with your interior designer and add cool lighting into the design.

Make your room vibrant.

Add as much as greenery into your room and stop making it appear lifeless. You can have succulents, ferns, money plants, peace lillies and even herbs indoors. Apart from making the space look pretty, it also offers you plenty of oxygen which is useful.

Is your furniture ruining the place?

Furniture also need some care every now and then. If the furniture has been there forever, but still in good condition to use, then you can just add visual element on the floor and divert attention from old furniture.

Just want to shake it up?

On some days you just want it to look different even though there is nothing specifically wrong. During such times you can spice it up by adding bright colors and bold prints into the mix. You can also just go with your instincts and try out new interior design that suits your house.

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