Aspects Of Home Decor That Can Have A Direct Affect On Your Health

Yes, you read that right. There are certain home decor and design that can actually have a direct affect on your health. Just scroll down and get to know more.

Colors of your home.

The impact of colors on mood goes a long way, and they can even trigger emotions and feelings. The color psychology explains that vibrant and bright shades are uplifting and strong, enhance engagement and communication.


The lighting has significant impact on mood. The natural lighting is the best source of positive mindset and also acts as a natural steriliser. The lighting through the evenings and nights affects how the mood progresses and whether it boosts happiness or increases sadness and anxiety.

Size of your home.

The size also affects people to a large extent. The room’s walls and ceilings play a crucial role in shaping and individual’s mind and his depth perception. People tend to be more creative and focused when rooms are wider, while planting plants inside the house is also a great mood booster.

Textures and shapes of furniture.

According to the ancient practice of Feng Shui, the shapes and textures that match natural elements bring a sense of calmness to the mind. The stone elements in flooring and walls signify health. The arrangement of furniture is also important.

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Amazing Ways To Incorporate Wood Into Your Home Décor

No matter what, wood never goes out of fashion and nothing can replace the natural feel that it gives to your house decoration. It also looks elegant and classy. Surely, there are many people who would love to include wood into their designing process..

If you are one among them then here are some of the tips that will help you in adding some wood into your home decor.

Sofa set.

It is one of the obvious ways by which you can have wood stuff. There are enough designs and style available to choose from, which will definitely add character to the living room.

Dining set.

Eating together can be a great stress buster and when you have dining set made of wood, it gives a special and calm feel to the whole setting. Therefore, wooden dining set is a must and should be first on your list.

Wall shelf.

The wooden wall shelf will definitely be an eye-catcher. There is something special about these wall shelf that cannot be replaced. You can blindly go for it without any doubts whatsoever. Just make sure you choose the right color that matches to your setting.


Perhaps, most of them still find the mirrors made with wood attractive and it is a no-brainer to have them in your house. The fact that there are more designs on offer these days makes it even more exciting.

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